PICO OS 5.0 is an Android-based operating system designed for All-in-One VR headsets.Through a comprehensive system optimization, PICO OS 5.0 has improved the Ul to provide a cleaner, smoother user experience as you enjoy amassive collection of videos, VR games and apps.

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Size:2.57MB Version:1.2.0 update time:2023-09-06 founder:测试 title:测试数据
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Explore the PICO VR mobile app. Designed for PICO All-in-One headsets, it helps you manage your headsets with ease. Get started by downloading the app today!

Streaming Assistant

Streaming Assistant is a set of software tools for streaming support. With Streaming Assistant, you can stream PC games on SteamVR to your PICO headset. Currently, it can be installed on PCs and PICO headsets. The PC version is developed for VR-ready Windows PCs, and SteamVR must be installed to use it. The headset version is for PICO All-in-One VR headsets and requires a 5GHz Wi-Fi router. Before streaming a game, make sure you have installed and configured Streaming Assistant for both the PC and the headset according to the instructions.

Remote Play Assistant

Remote Play Assistant allows you to stream wirelessly and effortlessly between PICO and other home devices on the same Wi-Fi network. You can now enjoy watching large HD videos without having to copy and transfer videos from other devices to your PICO headset, saving storage on PICO in the process.

Cast for PICO

As PICO's proprietary Android TV receiver, Cast for PICO allows you to share VR experiences by casting the VR view to a smart TV in HD with low latency and zero ads. Amazing moments are always better when shared with friends and family!

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Size:2.57MB Version:1.2.0 update time:2023-09-06

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Size:2.57MB Version:1.2.0 update time:2023-09-06 founder:白否否


What's New Fixed some bugs and improved user experience.